A guided tour of the traditional settlement of Dryopida

Discover the traditional settlement of Dryopida, which remains untouched by time

In the central part of the island lies the largest village of Kythnos, Dryopida, which is named after Dryopes, which are considered the first settlers of the island. A well-planned guided tour of Dryopida village will reveal a village with neat, traditional neighborhoods and a glorious past in pottery. Walking along the scenic alleys and narrow streets you will experience the traditional art and history of this Cycladic settlement. Close to Dryopida, we find the cave of Katafyki, which is suitable for hiking excursions. Cave Katafyki played for centuries a crucial role in the lives of Kythnos’ inhabitants by providing water, shelter, storage space and valuable resources in the form of mined ores.


Our hiking excursion to Dryopida begins by entering the village with the largest neighborhood, Galatas, on our left. Traditional tiled roofs and labyrinthine alleys unfold around us. Our trail follows the narrow streets of the village to the metropolis and the largest church on the island of Kythnos, Agia Anna.

The guided tour continues on the main alley of the village, the so-called piazza. There we will greet local ladies who usually sit there drinking their coffee and gossiping about the island's news.

Our trail continues in the enchanting Cave Katafyki, one of the largest in Greece and an important landmark for the inhabitants of Kythnos island.

The experience is completed by visiting two major museums of Kythnos island. The Byzantine Museum includes a rare and famous collection of orthodox icons which are centuries old. The folklore museum offers a glance at the customs and traditions of the ancestors of Kythnos residents and the way the rich and poor families of the island lived.


  • Starting time: 09:00am
  • Location: Upon request
  • Implementation period: All year round (upon request)
  • Trail distance: 2km
  • Route type: Circular
  • Activity duration with breaks: 2 hours
  • Difficulty: Moderate
  • Suitability: Suitable for all / relatively goot fitness is required


The altitude difference in the rising during the return is 50 meters in 0.2 kilometers.

There is a minimum number of 4 participants required for the implementation of this outdoor activity. Experience Kythnos reserves the right to postpone or cancel the activity in case of non completion of the required number of participants. For individual bookings or for less than 4 participants please contact us to request a price.

Participants should have with them:

  • Bottle of water
  • Hat
  • Sun cream (during summer months)
  • Hiking shoes or trainers (Open shoes, sandals or flip-flops are unsuitable)
  • Hiking backpack and poles (if available)
  • Swimwear and beach towels


  • Guide
  • Tour planning - Sightseeing
  • Transfer from the exit point to entry point (if necessary)
  • Photographs from the tour
  • Liability insurance
  • All taxes


  • Standard: 15€ per person
  • Private: 30€ per person

Minimum participants: 3